The Safepod is extraordinary and here are 10 benefits of a Safepod

1. Easy to set up from kit form

2. Kits are readily available

3. Fast feed - up to 50 units in a week

4. Fast set up of average two to three weeks

5. Full support with ongoing training

6. Functional infrastructure and can be repurposed into housing, classrooms or remote clinic.

7. Advanced standard of medical infrastructure of a high quality

8. Delivery from a container to remote locations

9. Global regulation compliance

10. Actively helps with reducing the spread of Covid-19

Here are three things you can do that I do to learn anything

"Automatic negative thoughts" can impact us all. When you want to learn a new skill at times our inner voice says "You cant learn that" Then we believe it! If you do this enough times it is probable that you wont learn the skill. Tip One - Note that your inner voice is doing this and speak back at it and tell it that you can. Anything is possible and so expand your mind to have the same view. You control your inner voice.

Have you heard of brain foods like Avocado's(healthy blood flow), Blueberries (reduce oxidative stress), Broccoli ( improve memory and cognitive function), eggs (brain boosting choline), turmeric (reduces inflammation) and chocolate (flavonoids improve cognitive function). Tip two - eat brain food.

Read, Read, read. Reading is a method that when practiced everyday improves your mind in various ways. from your eyes moving and your brain processing the words. Decades of experience can be gained in a book. Have a look at what Bill Gates and Warren Buffet read in a year! Even Business Coaches and Growth strategists recommend reading to top CEO's and business leaders. The magic is in the way our brains can be trained.

Have you ever wondered about the Bowen therapy technique. 

Hello - As Bowen therapy practitioners explain, this system is about the body doing all the work. The therapist performs the point healing which triggers body signals to start out the self-healing process. A bit like with any point healing, you'll be asked to lie on a bed. Bowen therapy practitioners will work on you for between 45 minutes to an hour. Each set of rolling moves is followed by a brief break during which the body is given a chance to integrate the consequences of the point healing. Counting on your ailment, most clients need a minimum of five sessions. this may improve their posture, refresh their complexions, release tension and the all time fave relieve headaches.