Smart Lock

Have you ever had that feeling that you might have not closed the gate when you drive off! What about when you are on a zoom call and a friend arrives at the front door. There is on app that can help you close/open the gate and unlock a door. One app that can grant access at certain times.

Set up your smart phone as a key replacement to give access to a cleaner, baby sitter or handyman! Say goodby to those those days that you had to drive home just to give someone access. What about your garden service, give them access only on the day/times they need access.

Get notifications when a door or gate is opened. Have complete control to your access - securely. Upgrade your home with a smart home automation app that works well.

Something for the kids

As Lock-down is easing up a bit there are some companies ready to bounce back! Bounce into the future with a Jumping castle rental for a whole week. Traditional rentals for a weekend are out the door when you can now rent for the whole week! Check out this company website, they are the leaders in innovation when comes to jumping castle hire.

Patio Awning

When you are working from home you might want to escape the walls of your house and work from the patio. Maybe it is the call of a bird or the fresh air that makes you just that more comfortable outside. Consider a awning for your patio if you want to protect your patio furniture from sun and rain A patio awning is perfect for a building upgrade. This kind of upgrade can be beneficial both as an investment and for your enjoyment.

One will always consider the price for a good quality patio awning. There are some interesting stories about them and when they come up in conversation.

Feel Good

When I think about staying at home and things like supporting those in need come to mind. As we read about the benefits like fauna and flora thriving again, I found this non-profit foundation doing things a little differently. They work alongside communities to uplift lives and at the same time conserve.

Wild and Free Foundation

Pittsburgh, PA 15238United States

Animal Protection

Eco-Friendly upgrade

Upgrade to an Eco-friendly composite deck. This will make you feel good as you work from home! Knowing that you are contributing to saving the planet with recycled plastic underfoot will increase productivity. It just feels right to have composite decking underfoot!

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Organic SEO

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Touch Nature

Get close to Nature and yet have all the luxury of a lodge.


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